Chuseok Legend Braai Pack


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Lamb Rib Chops (±5/6 chops)
This prime cut of lamb from the shoulder rack is very tender and our standard cuts in the restaurant.

Boerewors (8 links)
A traditional South African sausage made of beef, pork and lamb meat,
and spiced with coriander and black pepper. This old-school classic tastes best cooked on a grill!

Spicy Bangers (4 links)
A Pork sausage with sage, origanum and Cayenne pepper. Great with a beer!

Biltong (100g)
Australian eye-round of beef, cut into thick steaks, then marinated and cured before drying slowly at low temperatures for that subtle yet unique South African taste. Great with a cold bevvie!

Braai Spice (25g)
Mixed herbs and spices. Sprinkle it on your chops for that signature Braai Republic flavour.


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